Beyond the Open Door and other stories.

Hello everyone. My name is Rebecca and writing has been a passion of mine since I could remember. Another passion of mine is all things horror. Horror movies, video games and film. There couldn’t be a more perfect way for me to express myself then to have a blog where I creatively develop horror stories.  I started The RX Vignettes for that reason. In doing this project I hope to develop my writing further and entertain the readers that grace my page with their presence. 

If you go back to the beginning of when I started this blog you would see that I was posting short stories. While I am still developing short stories to publish here, I have taken a break from posting them. Instead I have begun a new story called Beyond the Open Door. This story is about a Young woman who eagerly accepts a position at an hospital turned drug and mental rehabilitation center for adolescents. She then discovers the horrors and politics of working there as well as some hidden secrets that could potentially harm her.

It is partially inspired by true events and has very personal events sewed into it’s storyline. Events that did occur in my real life and while all some of the events I included in this story not directly happen to me, they have affected myself and my family in grave ways. Beyond the Open Door will be a long project and I am hoping to inspire and intrique those who choose to read all the chapters.

I will take a break from posting chapters of BTOD after about 10 or 15 chapters and then resume to postings two or three original short horror stories before finalizing BTOD.

So whether you are reading from your phone or your laptop, I hope you can relax and enjoy.

Thank you kindly

-Rebecca, The RX Vignettes.


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