Double Standards gone wrong

Whore, a promiscuous woman, a woman who engaged in sex before marriage, Now, a whore is any female society claims fit. You stand up to a man, whore, you flaunt your half naked body before a hungry audience and are not attractive to society’s fitting, whore (think Miley Cyrus vs. every other risqué female performance that we’ve probably praised) you talk about your sex life and even though most people your age are NOT virgins, whore. You don’t even need to be sexually dressed to be considered a whore. It is label given to a female to silence her and degrade her she does something that disagrees with us.
No matter what you do, you may be subjected to being labeled a whore, cunt, slut, all for the benefit of silencing you, and the shame of it all, your stance may be right, but the social media driven comments of somewhat anonymous protesters will never let you stand up without attacking what’s in between your legs.

Little to no brain activity is required for most people to become like this and try to silence a voice using degrading terms with definitions that change according to what we use them for.
We create problems and are driven insane by the confusing outcomes and do not take the responsibility to actually investigate why the problem occurred in the first place.

On many social media websites (facebook, reddit, twitter etc…) We obsessively take to attacking young females more than ever now for their sexuality without even realizing that we may have a hand in the growing trend of overly sexualized adolescent girls. We never take a minute to really analyze why the rise in sexuality with young adolescent girls. ( Because encouraging sexuality in young adolescent boys at the same time as shaming sexuality in young girls never really was considered to be problematic.)
Honestly what did we expect when abstinence is taught to only be the responsibility of one sex, while promoting the exact opposite with the other sex. We hate whores, but we constantly promote the idea of being a whore. This is a problem.
What… were… we thinking. Did we, as adults, fully functioning adults actually believe that mercilessly punishing young girls for not staying virgins for young boys pushed to be promiscuous would not have adverse effects.
When you teach females to be virgins for sexually driven men, promoting and punishing the idea of promiscuity on only one sex, did we really expect nothing to happen?

Get ready to meet Desiree.

Desiree isn’t what you think,  she isn’t an overly sexualized young adolescent teenager due to the influx of sexual promotion and glorification but a sexually repressed young woman disgusted by societal double standards in sexuality and personally aware of the dangers that this contradicting ideology poses. So aware that she hates it, she would never get involved in any sexual activity that will put her at risk for verbal assault and degrade, it’s bad she can’t stop herself from being identified as a weaker more vulnerable being as it is. The idea of sexuality in this society scared her, angered her, and so she fiercely denounces it.  .

Desiree is genophobic and while she refuses to seek psychological help because she feels it’s a great way of protecting herself from the hungry wolves of judgmental spectators , she will soon find out it isn’t just her that needs protecting…


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